Available Services:

Funeral Services: 

We offer every family an array of options to customize and personalize a tasteful tribute to their deceased loved one. We will work closely with you to create a service that tells the story of your loved ones story.  

Caskets, Vaults and Urns: 

Whether you want a luxury funeral service or a simply directed ceremony with a cremation, Hart & Evans is here to accommodate your family. 

Obituary Support: 

We will work directly with you to create the perfect obituary to honor your loved one's legacy. We will incorporate any pictures or special memories of their life.  

Notary Public:

We have an onsite notary who is there in case any documents need to be notarized during the processing period of your arrangements. 


We can work together to plan a cremation that is just as meaningful as a traditional burial. Customers can enhance their funeral arrangements by hosting a reception before or after the service and holding a visitation prior to cremation. Arrangements can also be personalized within so many options. 

Pre-planning Support

You can begin the process below by contacting the funeral director. Advice from a professional funeral director is absolutely essential. Our funeral director is well versed in all types of funeral ceremonies and is knowledgeable about the laws regarding funerals and final disposition, trusts and insurance pre-funding rules. We will arrange to meet with you at a date and time of your choosing.